A Oscillating Tower Fan Review

Published: 16th May 2012
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If you have a small to medium size room and your in the market for a oscillating tower fan then this review will help you decide if this fan is a good choice for you. This tower fan has the ability to move air around the room very well with its turbo wind feature also called turbo breeze and cool breeze. You will want to look for this feature when purchasing your fan, but know that the feature may be named differently depending on the brand you are looking at. Further research has revealed that the wind flow delivered by the turbo breeze feature will vary and is dependent on the motor size.
The main point of the oscillating type tower fan is the way it can push air through the room quickly.
Some features that are available:
1. Ability to changed speeds.

2. Ability to program start and stop times. This allows you to select predetermine times to come on when your home and to go off when your not. This is another way the fan can help conserve your energy usage.

3. Easy remote control access when you at a distance from the tower fan.

4. Most models now have an electronic LCD touch screen for easy operation. This feature allows for a more accurate setting for temperature control.
5. Thermostat control by way of the LCD display.

6. A filter for cleaner air that is easy to wash. One of the problems with allergy suffers is the use of a fan, as the circulating of air from the fan can aggravate their condition, but not with the model that comes with a filter, it's a perfect compliment to help alleviate irritants from the room. This type of system has the ability to remove harmful dust particles from the air.

7. A wider flow of air from the fans that have the oscillating feature.

8. Helps with the look of the room with stylish designs that blend in with your decor. When compared to the big and bulky box fans and common pedestal fans these fans take up little space.

9. Sturdy and built to last and can be picked up and moved where needed.
A perfect combination is to raise the thermostat on your air conditioning and then operate your tower fan. Now you do not have to suffer by cutting back on the AC because of high energy cost. Then at night go fans only for bigger savings.
Read further about these awesome tower fans with these amazon reviews. You can think of it as your lying on the beach at night and have the cool breeze of the night guiding you to a deep sleep.
On models with the remote control they usually come with a built in light. No need to fumble for the rooms light switch when you can just use the built in light of your remote. The remote is another way to change the settings of your fan.
The programmable thermostat can be set at two-hour intervals.
The use of warm water is all thats needed to clean the filter on this tower fan. Many user comment on how amazed they are at the amount of dirt that is removed from their homes air.

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